Can I also buy the whole apartment?

Yes. We will be happy to help you with the purchase of an apartment in Dubai. Please direct your request to or Whatsapp us at +971 50 975 8540.

Can I get a residence by buying an NFT share?

If you are planning to acquire a residence in Dubai, buying an NFT and thus acquiring certain rights to Amantius apartments is the best first step towards that. Our company can provide you with the rest of the necessary details and documents.

Can I physically visit the apartments before buying the NFT token?

Yes, our colleague is available to you almost 24/7 in Dubai, and he will be happy to show you the property after prior agreement.

Can I sell my NFT share?

Yes, in the future, you will be able to sell your NFT token directly on the WEXO NFT MARKETPLACE & STUDIO for the amount you specify, as well as in an auction. We can also buy back your NFT token in the manner specified in the NFT Terms. The company guarantees the purchase of 2 shares every year for 3 years from the moment of purchase of the NFT share.

How can I verify ownership of my share?

You can verify the ownership of the AMANTIUS NFT token directly on the blockchain (link) after entering the X-digit code of your NFT token. Each share/token owner will be registered on the blockchain, and we will hand over complete documentation, including a physical certificate, to one of our branches. Our branches are: Prague, Bratislava, and Nitra.

How do I buy an Amantius NFT token?

You can purchase a token via the page after logging into the internal zone. It is important to place an order and the system will prompt you for the next steps. (You can also find a detailed description of how to do it here - a link to a specific subpage). 

Soon, AMANTIUS NFT tokens will also be offered on WEXO NFT MARKETPLACE & STUDIO.

How do I get from the airport to the apartment?

In the following years, the exhibition of a metro stop with a direct connection to the airport is planned. We currently recommend using the services of "yellow taxis" for transportation, they are cheaper than "white" ones.

How far are the apartments from the sea and from the center?

You can reach the sea and the beach from the apartments in about 15 minutes. It will take you about 10 minutes to get to the center. An artificial lagoon with clear water and beautiful beaches is literally a stone's throw from the apartments.

How many tokens is one apartment divided into?

A suite represents an exact and predetermined number of NFT tokens, each of which has the same value. Depending on the current offer, the total number of NFT tokens for each apartment may be different. 

How will I, as the owner of the NFT token, participate in the costs, possible repairs, and other overheads related to the apartment?

The owner of the NFT stake does not share in any loss. Overhead, repairs or the purchase and replacement of worn equipment will be covered from the company's fund created for this purpose. The purchase of apartment equipment, service, cleaning, etc., the token owner does not pay from his revenue.

How will the profit from renting apartments be paid?

The profit from renting the apartment is paid to the owner of AMANTIUS NFT tokens every year to their WEXO account in stablecoins or in WEXO tokens, or otherwise according to the agreement between the owner and the company.

If I want to sell my NFT token, how and who will ensure the transfer of ownership to the new owner?

The sale of your NFT token is possible within the Wexo NFT Marketplace. The transfer of all rights related to the share and the transfer of its ownership to the new owner is governed by valid contracts and NFT terms and conditions. The complete agenda related to this process is provided by Wexo in cooperation with AMANTIUS MANAGEMENT SERVICES L. L. C.

In what form will the apartment be offered for short-term and long-term rental to the public?

The apartment will be offered on the most famous portals, Booking and AirBnb. We plan to add other well-known options over time so that there is as much demand as possible and investors can make as much money as possible.

Is it possible to buy a stake in AMANTIUS apartments even if I can't buy the entire NFT token?

Yes it is. In some types of apartments you can also buy so-called "Minitokens". In the case of request, in this way it is possible to divide the purchase of an NFT share into smaller regular monthly payments during the selected period. For more information, visit the "Amantius minitokens" section.

Is it possible to buy more NFT tokens for one apartment?


Is my share of the apartment hereditary?

Normally, NFTs are subject to probate regardless of their content. Always consult a qualified legal advisor about the specific procedure for inheritance proceedings.

Is the number of accommodated people limited to an individual apartment?

It is not. You, as an NFT shareholder, can decide for yourself how many people you will accommodate in the apartment. When renting to the public, however, the number will be limited, taking into account the capacity of the property.

Is there a parking space included in the apartment?

Yes, one garage parking space belongs to the apartment.

Is there any transportation from the airport to the apartment?

Each owner of the NFT token arranges the transportation himself. (We may introduce this service in the future.)

On what blockchain are Amantius NFT tokens minted?

They are not minted yet. They will be minted after the launch of the Wexo Marketplace. Amantius plans to mint tokens on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain.

What are my options if the qualified majority agrees on the sale of the apartment but I do not agree?

According to the contract, the company accepts the qualified majority and sells the apartment. The qualified majority represents a total of 65%, i.e., 13 votes out of 20 (NFT token holders) and 39 votes out of 60 (NFT Amantius holders). If you are interested, we will be happy to offer you a replacement in another lucrative apartment, or you will be paid your share of the funds obtained from the sale of the original apartment, which we will send to your account.

What are the benefits of Dubai?

Dubai started its leadership in many ways. It is currently a symbol of stability, rapid economic progress and is also a meeting place for capital from all over the world. It is unique in that it has no income tax and a lot of opportunities for tourists and investors.

What can I see and experience in Dubai?

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Creek, the Museum of the Future, a desert trip, the world's highest 360-degree AURA skypool, and a boat trip around the Palm Islands.

What do I get by buying an AMANTIUS NFT token?

In addition to the rising value of his token, the owner receives a corresponding net share of the profit from the short-term and long-term rental of the property to third parties, as provided by the Amantius team, each year. Among the benefits, the most attractive option is to travel to the apartment for up to 5 nights for free and enjoy a free vacation every year.

What do I need to have when entering Dubai?

You need a travel document valid for at least six months.

What does real estate tokenization mean?

This technology allows us to divide real estate into ideal parts, precisely through non-fungible tokens NFT. Each of the AMANTIUS apartments represents an unchanging amount of unique tokens.

What happens to the apartment if it is not used by NFT holders?

The apartment is mainly rented out via Booking/Airbnb for short-term rentals or individually based on an agreement with the client for a longer period.

What if I don't use my right to travel to the apartment in a given year?

5 nights can be carried over to the next year and can thus be used for up to 10 consecutive nights of free accommodation in the following year.

What if I want to go to the apartment during my vacation but it is occupied?

In this case, the company can offer you a similar suite to ensure your satisfaction.

What if I want to use the apartment for a longer period than the number of guaranteed nights?

You can also use the apartment for a longer period; you pay the full amount for the period exceeding the total number of free nights. Prices are valid according to the current price list.

What is an NFT token?

A non-fungible token known by the abbreviation NFT is a digital asset recorded on a decentralized blockchain network. You can find more information in the section "About". 

What is included in the apartment?

A fully furnished apartment with garage parking. Within the complex, you can use the swimming pool, gym, BBQ seating, a place to practice yoga and other public services for residents.

What is the expected return on apartments (ROI)?

The expected return on investment (ROI) of the apartments is 6-10% per year, depending on the cultural, technological, social, and other events that will take place in Dubai that year.

What recreational services does the resort offer?

Near the apartments there is a crystal lagoon with white sand and a view of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, as well as sports fields, a skate park, and the like. The whole complex is designed to provide the best conditions for building a high-quality community life.

When can I, as the owner of an NFT share, travel to the apartment and use my 5 nights?

You can book your stay once a year, at any time of year. You can check the availability of your apartment in the calendar on the website or get information via WhatsApp. You can use any currently free date. If your apartment is occupied on your chosen date, we offer you the option of staying in another of our apartments. For more information, please contact us at

When will the apartments be available?

The expected estimate is the first quarter of 2023.

When will the complete area around the apartments be completed so that the area does not look like a construction site? (lagoon, palm trees...)

The surroundings of the buildings in the exterior are in the final stage. Currently, only the planting of grasslands, ornamental trees, etc. is taking place. The lagoon will be available to the public after II. construction phase. Filling should start at the turn of 2022/2023. Construction of blocks in III. and IV. phases will be separated from the rest of the complex in such a way that it does not interfere with the full use of the residential units from I. and II. phases.

Who can stay in the apartment with my NFT share?

Anyone you choose can stay in the apartment with you. You can even transfer your benefit to a third person, so your friends or family can use the benefit even without you present.

Who is legally responsible for the apartments?

AMANTIUS MANAGEMENT SERVICES L.L.C, which also provides management and leasing.

Who pays for property insurance, water, electricity, garbage collection, and other services throughout the year?

Real estate insurance is the responsibility of the developer. Fees for water, electricity, and other overhead costs are paid from the profits from renting apartments and are covered by our company. So they are not paid by the owner of the NFT token.

Who will be responsible in case of the loss or theft of an NFT token?

The holder himself is responsible for his NFT token. Precisely because of the reduction of the mentioned risks, we have an exclusive cooperation with the partner, WEXO MARKETPLACE, where we can ensure a higher level of security.

Why Dubai?

Given the current economic instability, Dubai is the best solution in the world. It is one of the safest destinations in the Middle East, a major tourist and business center, and one of the most visited places by tourists from all over the world.

Why invest in property in Dubai?

Dubai is not only a world resort sought after by tourists from all over the world. Due to its excellent accessibility, high security, and high quality of life, Dubai is also an attractive place for investors and entrepreneurs. It offers a better rental income compared to other world capitals. It has a stable economy that is continuously growing. You can read more information about Dubai in the article “Why Invest in Dubai?”

Why is my share not registered in the standard cadastre?

Current legislation in Dubai (UAE) does not allow this. Currently, this would only be possible in the form of co-ownership in a newly established Dubai company (although with its co-ownership you would not be a co-owner of the property, but of the company that owns the property), and this would represent an annual cost for partners - co-owners at the level of 18,000 euros. That's why we use a modern way of registering rights associated with real estate through blockchain technology, which makes it possible. In the event of a change in Dubai legislation, we will proceed to reassess the possibilities of registering the ownership rights to real estate in favor of token owners.

If there is a change in the law in Dubai, we will first let all token holders know about it and then move forward based on what they want.