Amantius Apartments: Now offering financing in installments!

Amantius Apartments: Now offering financing in installments!

Dubai - the city of luxury, modern technology, and endless opportunities. We believe that in this city, luxury and quality should be accessible to everyone.

A new era of living in Dubai

We have exciting news! The Amantius project introduces a groundbreaking approach to securing a stake in Dubai's exclusive apartments. How? With flexible financing options and the chance to acquire an NFT share through installments.

Why did we decide to take this step?

Many investors aspire to own property in Dubai but lack the immediate funds. Our innovative financing solution addresses this very need.

Key information on financing:

-Repayments from 230 € per month.
-Flexibility in the choice of repayment period - from 1 to 5 years.
-Access to your apartment immediately after covering the downpayment.

Three major benefits of our offer are:

Flexibility: Spreading out the costs allows you to plan your finances more efficiently.
Affordability: A lower initial investment makes the Amantius project accessible to a broader range of people.
Immediate Use: You can use your new apartment right away, without waiting for it to be fully paid off.

Construction update

Watch our latest construction progress video directly on YouTube.

Amantius Apartments are your gateway to a world of luxury in the heart of Dubai. If you like our offer or have any questions, arrange a personal consultation or watch our webinar on innovative investing.